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We have your data to carry out the health screening. If you participate, your results will be processed electronically. We use secure systems for this. We can use your data to further improve the research and for scientific research. We ensure that your privacy is optimally protected and that the data used cannot be traced back.

You can object to the registration and/or use of your data. This obviously has no influence on the way you are treated before, during or after the health screening.

Objections per health screening

For a number of objections, you can indicate for which health screening you wish to make this objection. This is about:

  • No use of my data for quality assurance
    We no longer exchange your data with (healthcare) institutions for the purpose of improving the population screening.

  • No use of my data for scientific research
    We do not use your data to evaluate the effects, processes and organizational issues of the health screening. We also do not exchange your data with healthcare and research institutions for scientific research. Researchers never get your name and address anyway.

  • No use of my body material from the health screening for cervical cancer for scientific research
    The assessment of smears and self-sampling kits takes place in a screening laboratory. The body material is destroyed after evaluation by the laboratory and is not used for scientific research.

  • No digital exchange of my results and images of the health screening for breast cancer with the hospital
    We do not share the results and images of your examination with the hospital. In the event of a referral, the hospital cannot consult your results and photos of the health screening.

  • File deletion request
    We will delete your health screening results. We cannot retrieve this data afterwards. After your objection has been processed, your current round of invitations will stop. This means that after the objection has been processed, you will no longer receive any results or other messages. You cannot withdraw this objection after execution. You will automatically receive another invitation for the health screening in the next round of invitations. If you want us to remove the results of your participation, you must indicate this again via the objection statement.

  • Objection to data exchange with PALGA
    The assessment of your Pap smear or self-sampling kit takes place in one of the five screening laboratories. Is HPV found in your Pap smear? Then the laboratory also immediately checks whether there are abnormal cells in the smear. The laboratory sends the results securely to the national PALGA database (Pathological Anatomical National Automated Archive). If you wish to object to this, you must submit this objection to the screening laboratory, which will assess your smear. You can use this form for this: Objection to the exchange of data with PALGA

  • No control follow-up referral advice by laboratory health screening for cervical cancer
    When HPV and abnormal cells have been found in the cervix, you will be referred to the gynecologist for further examination. After a few months, the laboratory checks a national database to see whether you have been to the gynaecologist. If this is not the case, the laboratory will inform your GP about this. If you object to this, this check will not be carried out.

  • Data exchange between the screening organization and the colonoscopy center for the health screening for bowel cancer
    The laboratory provides the results of the bowel cancer screening to the screening organisation. If blood is found in your stool, the screening organization will refer you for follow-up testing. An appointment is automatically made for a discussion about follow-up tests in a colonoscopy centre. For this we use your personal data. Do you not want us to share your data with the colonoscopy centre? Please contact the information line before submitting your stool test.

General objection

  • No withdrawal from BRP
    We no longer take over your data from the Personal Records Database (BRP) for the health screening. Some basic data will be saved. These are your name, address, place of residence, date of birth, citizen service number and the fact that you have lodged an objection. This is necessary to block the retrieval of new data from the BRP.

    Please note: This objection applies to all three health screening programmes. If you object, you will no longer receive invitations for the health screening for breast cancer ,hcervical cancer, and bowel cancer.

From December 2019, we will no longer record country of birth, place of birth and nationality. The data we have recorded about this have been deleted. The general objection 'Registration of country of birth' has therefore lapsed.


You can object via My Health Screening. You need your DigiD to log in.

You can also contact the information line. We will then send you an objection form.

After your objection has been processed, you will receive written confirmation of this.

Withdrawing objection

Would you like to withdraw a previously lodged objection? You can do this via My Health Screening. Log in with your DigiD. You can also contact the information line. You will then receive an objection form.

After the withdrawal of your objection has been processed, you will receive written confirmation.