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The invitation

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The invitation
The bowel cancer screening comprises a stool test that you can take yourself. If you are between 55 and 75 years, you will automatically receive an invitation for bowel cancer screening every 2 years. The screening is free of charge.

When do you receive an invitation?

When you first become eligible for the bowel cancer screening, you will receive a letter (pre-announcement) in which we provide all the information you need about bowel cancer screening. Three weeks later, you will receive the invitation for the bowel cancer screening. This invitation will arrive in a purple envelope. You should decide yourself whether you wish to participate.

When you receive an invitation depends on your date of birth. You can enter your year of birth at the bottom of this page to see when you will receive an invitation.

Would you like more information about your invitation? Please contact our information line.

Visit the GP if you have symptoms

Do you currently have complaints that may be related to bowel cancer? For example:

  • Can you see blood in your stool, 
  • Have you suffered from constipation or diarrhea for a long time without a clear cause?
  • Do you have any bowel complaints?

Please do not wait for the next invitation for the health screening. Make an appointment with your GP straight away.

Frequently asked questions

You will receive your first invitation for the bowel cancer screening when you are 55 years of age. You will continue to receive an invitation every 2 years until you are 75.

Most early stages of bowel cancer are detected in people aged 55 and over. That is why the health screening is offered to men and women from age 55.

If people participated in their final health screening at 75, the risk is small that they will develop bowel cancer within the next 10 years. Polyps, the early stage of bowel cancer, actually grow very slowly.

We receive the details from the municipality in which you are registered. The municipality forwards your name, address and date of birth to us. People who are not registered will not receive an invitation

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