Responses and complaints

We do our best to carry out the health screening in the best way possible. You can help us improve the quality of our programs by informing us about your health screening experiences. All your experiences, comments, questions and suggestions are welcome. We would also like to hear if you are not satisfied with the health screening.

How can you respond?

Please send us your response about your participation in the cancer screening. You can do this via the online response form, which can be found in the above menu. Please complete your personal details so that we can provide you with an answer. You can also request a response form by telephone.

What do we do with your response?

We handle all responses. We communicate positive responses to the employee (s) or department involved. In addition, we answer questions and take suggestions into consideration. Complaints are handled by the complaints officer.

Complaints Officer

The complaints officer handles the complaint. The complaints officer works independently and has a mediating and guiding role in the targeted resolution of your complaint.

Complaints procedure

The complaints procedure provides for a low-threshold, solution-oriented approach, in which we prefer to talk to you at an early stage. The handling of complaints takes place in accordance with the Complaints Procedure for clients.

Health screening has a complaints procedure. If you think that we have not handled your complaint satisfactorily, you can present your complaint to the Executive Board of the screening organization. If you are not satisfied with the Executive Board’s verdict, you can submit your complaint to the national Geschillencommissie Zorg, the independent complaints commission.