Leerling scholing cervixscreening in roze trui


Within the general practice the doctor's assistant often makes the smears. The prerequisites for this are that the assistant has sufficient training and is capable of making smears independently. She must make at least 10 smears a year. Population screening offers, especially for doctor's assistants, various training courses on the cervical cancer screening program and making a smear. Below you will find the training offer. You make a choice depending on your prior knowledge, wishes, needs and work in your practice.

Basisscholing Cervixscreening

What? This training consists of an e-learning, two meetings and a practical assignment.

Who? This training is for doctor's assistants who are about to receive the swab in their duties or have recently received it.

Vervolgscholing Cervixscreening

What? This training consists of an e-learning and one meeting.

Who? This training is for experienced doctor's assistants who seek to deepen their knowledge of hrHPV and the development of cervical cancer and follow-up examinations at the gynecologist. Experienced doctor's assistants are expected to follow the Cervix screening follow-up training every three years (NHG advice).

E-learning Cervixscreening

What? This training consists of an e-learning.

Who? This online training is intended for doctor's assistants and other professionals who want to collect their knowledge about the smear. Going through the e-learning cervix screening is recommended annually (NHG advice). The e-learning is always freely accessible.