Scientific research

The screening organization manage specific data with respect to participation in the health screening and the results of this in a database called: ScreenIT. These data are available for scientific research.

Bowel cancer screening data requests for scientific research

Data that are obtained during the bowel cancer screening are obtained using public funds. That is why the RIVM Executive Board and the screening organization want these data also to be used for other public interests; of course, taking the privacy protection regulations currently in force into consideration. This means that data requests that relate to the ScreenIT registered data with respect to the bowl cancer screening, will be honoured as long as these relate to non-traceable data. The objective of the request must also fit within the objectives of making a contribution to improving the organisation of healthcare, patient treatment and/or knowledge of disease and health (aetiology, pathogenesis, symptoms, diagnosis, screening, prevention, results or treatment of disease).

Please note: We adhere to privacy legislation when making data available. Data is only provided when these are not traceable to individual persons, practitioners or institutions.

Submit data request

There has been a new time period for the submission of data requests since spring 2019.


The fee for a data request is 2,000 euro (excl. VAT).

Maximum number of data requests to be honoured and processed in the order in which they arrive

In connection with the available capacity, we can only honour a maximum number of requests per request period.
Data requests will be processed in the order in which they arrive. The time of receipt of a fully completed request form (including accompanying signed research protocol) at the RIVM applies as benchmark.


We will contact you about your request within 10 working days of the end of the request period. You can supplement the request if necessary. You will receive an invoice that must be paid before the admission appointment takes place. Your request will be discussed during the admission appointment. Your request will be checked against the objectives and conditions that apply.

After the approval of your request, you will receive an agreement (Data Transfer Agreement, please also see the template) for the supply of data.
After receipt of the signed agreement, the requested dataset will be supplied via a secure digital environment.
The turnaround time of a data request is approximately seven weeks (starting from the admission appointment).