Certification pathologists

After complete introduction in 2019, the colon cancer screening program will annually result in approximately 66,000 extra colonoscopies. Only colonoscopy centers and endoscopists who meet the national quality requirements may perform the colonoscopies in the context of the population screening.

Pathologists who analyse samples taken by the health screening colonoscopists must undergo a certification process. This process comprises two e-learning programmes and a (digital) EQA of a number of sections. The assessment is carried out by the Regional Coordinating Pathologist (RCP).

Register for pathologist certification process

The certification programme for pathologists comprises the Pathology Bowel Cancer Screening 1.0 e-learning, followed by a test. This e-learning provides an overview of the current knowledge required for assessment within the bowel cancer screening programme. The Pathology Bowel Cancer Screening 1.0 e-learning is accredited with 1 point.
Pathologists who are approved, should also follow the Pathology Bowel Cancer Screening 2.0 within 6 months. This e-learning is accredited with 2 points.
A participant may attempt the test three times. Pathologists need to participate in an annual digital quality assessment in order to remain approved.


Pathologists who wish to participate in the certification programme can register by completing a form. After registering you will receive an e-mail within two days together with a guide for the e-learning. This e-mail also contains the information you need for the ongoing process.

More information

If you have any questions or you would like to receive more information, please contact the national certification coordinators via certificering@bevolkingsonderzoekzuid.nl.