Certification endoscopists

After complete introduction in 2019, the colon cancer screening program will annually result in approximately 66,000 extra colonoscopies. Only colonoscopy centers and endoscopists who meet the national quality requirements may perform the colonoscopies in the context of the population screening.

Certification programme

Endoscopists who wish to carry out health screening endoscopies, must undergo an approval process. The certification programme for endoscopists comprises 3 modules:

  • Module 1: prospective registration of determined quality indicators from 100 successive colonoscopies;
  • Module 2: theoretical tests via e-learning;
  • Module 3: colonoscopy and polypectomy practical test.

If the three modules are passed successfully, the screening organisation will sign an agreement with the endoscopist. This forms part of the agreement that is signed with the colonoscopy centre.

Procedure for approval

The procedure for approval of endoscopists is laid down in the ‘Procedure for Approval of Endoscopists for the Health Screening Programme’.
Endoscopists who wish to be certified for bowel cancer screening should:

  • Have a lifetime experience of 500 independently performed colonoscopies.
  • Have performed at least 200 colonoscopies independently in the year prior to approval.
  • Be aware that colonoscopies carried out under supervision are counted in the number of colonoscopies performed by the supervisor.
  • Have performed at least 50 polypectomies independently in the year prior to approval.

These requirements apply to every endoscopist who wishes to be certified for bowel cancer screening.

This means that it is only useful for endoscopists/specialist registrars to register for the certification process if they have carried out at least 400 colonoscopies and through participation in the 1st module of the process (registration of 100 successive colonoscopies) have achieved the required 500 colonoscopies.


Endoscopists who wish to participate in the test programme can register by completing a form. After registering you will receive two e-mails within two working days together with a guide and registration instruction for the e-learning. This e-mail also contains the information you need for the ongoing process.

More information

If you have any questions or you would like to receive more information, please contact the national coordinator for certification via certificering@bevolkingsonderzoekzuid.nl.