Heart and other implants and breast screening

Can a patient with a heart or other implant participate in breast screening?

This depends on the type of implant. Patients with the following implants can participate as normal. The patient should mention the implant on the form on the back of the invitation and should also inform the mammographer. The mammographer will take this into account when pressing the breast between the plates. If the patient experiences a lot of pain during the procedure, she should indicate this during the screening.

Important: a patient can only participate in breast screening 6 months after the implant, as the area can still be painful.

  • ICD: this gives a shock to restore a normal heart rhythm
  • S-ICD (Subcutaneous ICD)
  • Pacemaker: device that ensures that the heart continues to beat in the correct rhythm
  • Heart rhythm monitor (Reveal): registers the heart rhythm
  • Port-a-cath: a medication administration system to introduce medicines, liquids and blood into the bloodstream
  • VNS (Vagus nerve stimulation): a kind of pacemaker for the brain
  • PICC: a line in a vein
  • VAD: support heart/pump to pump blood from lower chamber of the heart 

If your implant is not mentioned on this list, please ask a specialist for advice.

If your implant is not mentioned on this list, please ask a specialist for advice.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, you can participate in the screening. However, we do advise waiting 6 months after the implant as the area can still be painful. Please do inform the mammographer who is taking the mammogram that you have an implant.

    PIP implants have a higher risk of tears, leakages and ‘sweating’ than other implants. It is wise to have your PIP implants checked before you participate in the breast screening. More information about tearing and removal of PIP implants can be found on the IGZ website. Click here for more information about implants and breast screening.