Registering in the GP Portal

Smear tests for cervical screening can only be taken and sent by GPs and GP surgeries that have an AGB code and are registered in the health screening organisation’s GP Portal. Registration in the GP Portal is necessary to be able to order health screening laboratory forms and smear test equipment from the screening laboratories in your region.
You can register as an individual GP, as group practice or with multiple GPs with the same bank account number under one account. Please contact the health screening organisation in your region  to request your registration.

In the cervical screening programme GP Portal:

  • You should register with your ZorgMail customer number (or related ZorgMail partner) so that the results are sent to the correct address.
  • You can add one or more locations with accompanying location details to your registration. For instance, if your practice has two surgery locations or if you work at different surgeries.
  • You should register the surgery address and the invoice details.

After registering in the cervical screening program GP Portal:

  • You can request the laboratory forms for the cervical screening program. The health screening organisation will send the laboratory forms to the registered surgery address.
  • You can obtain insight into your financial data (payment overview).

Smear test equipment

You should request the smear test equipment from the screening laboratory or via the courier who collects the smear tests for the laboratory. This laboratory will send the equipment to the location that you indicated in the GP Portal. That is why it is important that your registration in the GP Portal is correct.

You should only use the smear test pots that you received from the screening laboratory for the cervical screening program.