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The screening

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The screening

Polyps and bowel cancer result in minor bleeding in the colon. This blood ends up in your stool. With the stool test, we examine whether there is blood in your stool (poo).

How can you participate?

You will receive a purple envelope at your home address, which contains a stool test and instructions for use. A sample stick is attached to the green cap of the stool test. You should insert this in four different places in your stool (poo) and then place the sample stick back in the stool test kit. You should then send the stool test back to the laboratory in the supplied prepaid envelope. The laboratory will analyse whether there is blood in your stool. Follow-up consultation will be needed if blood is found.


Frequently asked questions

  • There is a barcode on the stool test kit. Your personal details are incorporated within this barcode. That is how we know that the stool test is yours.

  • The stool test cannot be used by anyone but you. If you do not want to participate, discard the stool test with your household waste.

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