Corona virus

Breast cancer screening

Did you receive an invitation? Then you can make an appointment for your survey in ‘Mijn Bevolkingsonderzoek’ or call our information line. Before you go, read more about how we are helping to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and the frequently asked questions

Corona measures and frequently asked questions about the breast cancer screening.

For the time being, it is not possible to invite women every 2 years. This is due to a shortage of staff. Due to the corona virus, the delay in inviting has increased even further. It has therefore been decided to temporarily extend the period between 2 invitations to a maximum of 3 years. This is the reason that you will later receive an invitation for the breast cancer screening. For more information and frequently asked questions, click here.

Cervical cancer screening

Do you have an invitation or a self-sampling kit at home? Then you can participate in the screening. Your GP or doctor's assistant will make a smear test. To participate, please contact us to schedule an appointment. You may not be able to see your GP immediately due to the care surrounding the coronavirus. You can then make an appointment for a later date, or request the self-sampling kit.

Your GP takes the corona measures into account. It is therefore now also safe to have a smear made. Would you rather participate at home? Then request a self-sampling kit. Click here for more information about the self-sampling kit and an instructional video.

Frequently asked questions about the cervical cancer screening in times of corona.

Colon cancer screening

Due to the corona pandemic, you may receive your invitation later. If you have received an invitation, you can perform the stool test at home. If further research is required, you will receive an invitation for an intake interview at a colonoscopy center. Most national measures against the corona virus have expired. Many hospitals and treatment centers still have corona rules to protect the health of patients and employees. For this, visit the website of the hospital or treatment center or contact the hospital or treatment center by telephone.

Frequently asked questions about the bowel cancer population screening in corona time.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact the information line.

On the RIVM website you will find more general questions and answers about the population screenings and the coronavirus.

Frequently asked questions