The invitation

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The invitation
You will receive an invitation when the screening centre is in your local area. Your first invitation will be sent when you are between 49 and 52 years of age. This depends on the health screening centre route and schedule. You will receive an invitation every 2 years until you are 76 years of age.

When do you receive an invitation?

The invitation will be sent 2 to 3 weeks prior to the screening.
You will be invited to a screening centre close to where you live. If you would like to know when we are in your area, please click here.

Visit your GP if you have any symptoms

Breast cancer screening is for women who do not have any breast complaints. Have you noticed any of the following changes?

  • a lump in your breast
  • breast dimpling
  • skin thickening on your breast
  • a bloody discharge from your nipple
  • changes to your nipple
  • your breast feels different than usual

If so, you should contact your GP and not wait until you receive the health screening invitation.

Frequently asked questions

  • Please contact our information line.

  • You only receive an invitation if you are registered with the municipality. The municipality forwards your name, address and date of birth to us. If you are not registered with a municipality you will not receive an invitation.

    If you are registered with a municipality, but you have not received an invitation,
    please contact our information line.

  • You don’t need to do anything. Just prior to the start of a new health screening round, we will receive all the correct addresses from the municipality. As long as you make sure you are registered in your new municipality, you will automatically receive an invitation for the next round (if you still fall within the stated age category).

  • You can change or cancel your appointment via our patient portal. You should log in with your DigiD for this. You can also call our information line.

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