Vrouw van de doelgroep bevolkingsonderzoek borstkanker

Why we conduct this screening

In the Netherlands, 1 in 7 women develops breast cancer. The health screening aims to detect breast cancer at the earliest possible stage. This increases the chances of successful treatment and also often means that a less invasive treatment is required. All women aged between 50 to 75 years receive an invitation to participate in screening every 2 years. If you participate, we will take an X-ray, or mammogram, of your breasts. This enables us to see if you have breast cancer, before you have noticed anything yourself.
How does the screening work?

Proven effective

750.000 invitations

The number of women who received an invitation in 2020. In 2019, that was still 1.3 million invitations.

530.000 participants

In 2020, 530.000 women participated in the breast cancer population screening. This is 70% of all women invited.

69 screening centres

There are 69 screening centres in the Netherlands; 59 mobile and 10 permanent. The aim of the mobile screening centres is to offer the screening as close to home as possible.


Of every 1,000 women participating in the study, 27.4 are referred for further examination in the hospital. The population screening detected 6,362 cases of breast cancer in 2020.

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Screeningslaboranten bekijken een mammografie van het bevolkingsonderzoek borstkanker

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