Vrouw van de doelgroep bevolkingsonderzoek baarmoederhalskanker

The screening

step 3
The screening

Have you received an invitation from the screening organization for the population screening and do you want to participate? Then you can do the following.

Smear test

You should contact your GP surgery to make your own appointment for your smear test. Please take the invitation letter with you to the appointment. The letter contains 2 stickers with your personal details and these are needed for the screening.

A practice nurse will usually carry out the smear test. She will first ask you a few questions. You should then remove the bottom half of your clothing. The practice nurse will examine you using a special instrument: a speculum. She will place this carefully in your vagina and will then use a small brush to remove some cells from the cervix. These cells are placed in a sample vial and sent to a laboratory. The appointment will take around 10 minutes.

 If you find the examination uncomfortable you should indicate this during the smear test. Your GP or practice nurse will take this into account.


Self-test kit

If you find it uncomfortable having a smear test you can request a self-test kit. You can do this via Mijn Bevolkingsonderzoek, using your DigiD. You can also contact uw by phone or e-mail. The self-test kit will be sent to your home address within 14 days.



Frequently asked questions

  • In most surgeries, a female practice nurse or GP will carry out the smear test. If this is not possible at your GP surgery and you would prefer this, please contact another GP surgery. If you have any questions about this, please contact the information line. The telephone number is listed on the invitation letter.

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