Vrouw van de doelgroep bevolkingsonderzoek baarmoederhalskanker

The invitation

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The invitation

If you are between 30 and 60 years of age, you will automatically receive an invitation for cervical screening every 5 years. The screening is free of charge. We will invite you for the screening according to your date of birth, with the invitation letter being sent around the time of your birthday.

If you are 40 or 50 years old and the test shows that you do not have HPV, you will receive your next invitation 10 years later.

If HPV is detected but there are no abnormal cells, you will be invited again in five years’ time. This also applies to women aged 60 where HPV is detected. They will receive a final invitation on their 65th birthday.

When you receive an invitation depends on your date of birth.

The smear test

The invitation letter contains two barcode stickers. The GP surgery needs these stickers for the smear test.

  • You need to contact your GP surgery to make your own appointment for your smear test. Please take the invitation letter with you to the appointment. Otherwise the GP will be unable to carry out the smear test.
  • You shouldn’t have the test during your period, so try to make an appointment after or before your period is due.
  • A full bladder or full bowels can make the smear test feel uncomfortable, which is why we recommend that you go to the toilet before your test.

The self-test kit

If you find it uncomfortable having a smear test and this is a reason not to participate in the cervical screening, please read more about the self-test kit on www.bevolkingsonderzoekbaarmoederhalskanker.nl

You can request a self-test kit via My Health Screening. You will need your DigiD to log in. You can also call our information line or send an e-mail.


If you have any signs or symptoms of cervical cancer, such as an unusual discharge or unexpected blood spotting, please visit your GP and do not wait for your cervical screening invitation.

Frequently asked questions

  • If you have lost your invitation or if it is damaged you can request a new invitation letter on My Health Screening. You will need your DigiD to log in. You can also contact our information line. 

  • You will receive your first invitation for the cervical screening when you are 30 years old. You will continue to receive an invitation every 5 years until you are 60.

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